A developer’s toolbox (February 2014)

It seems a lot has changed since I wrote my last toolbox post. I’m now happily employed at Allegro Networks, enthusiastically embracing and using TDD (Test Driven Development/Design), and my toolbox has been slimmed and almost entirely replaced.


  • Ubuntu – used inside Virtual Box so if/when I break something important, I can very quickly clone a backup base machine image and get moving again.


I’ve slimmed down my dev tools a lot. It’s been a pretty cathartic experience, and now forces me to be closer to the code I write, without relying on heavy tools to do my work for me.

  • Sublime Text – an amazing text editor that’s very extensible. I tend to only use a code-formatting plugin, and keep everything else the same.
  • FileZilla – Fantastic FTP client, though i don’t use it all that often because…
  • Git & GitHub – My entire dev process now seems to flow through Git and/or GitHub. No I’ve got the hang of it, and I’m not trying to over-complicate things, git is overtaking FTP as my deployment method of choice.
  • CircleCI – Used only in work (as the price is a little too steep for pet projects. For that I’m looking into Travis CI) the continuous-integration-as-a-service model is fantastic. Simple, easy and effective.


Being interested in what I’m doing – When I can keep my work engaging (which I’m lucky enough to be able to do at Allegro), I can concentrate on it far more effectively.


  • Google Docs – I don’t tend to need much office-related work doing, but my budgeting and text documents are now pretty much exclusively handled by Google Docs.
  • Chromium for Ubuntu – it’s better than Firefox.
  • Heroku – now I actually understand what Heroku is and how to use it, it’s amazing.