Last night’s best-idea-ever: Duet Hookup App

This idea came from a conversation at last Friday’s Silicon Drinkabout in Manchester. It was generally agreed to be the best idea ever.

Picture the scene:

You’re in a bar after a long day in work. All you want is to sing and feel true joy and love. But alas, you are alone, and that would be weird.

You load up [catchy app name here] and using the Tinder-style selection method you start swiping through duets. Meatloaf -swipe left- West Side Story -swipe right- Sonny and Cher -swipe right-

A match! And it’s “Tonight” from West Side Story, your favourite! [catchy app name here] gives you a location to start walking towards.

You’re a couple of minutes away from your destination and you hear the music start. Lyrics appear on your phone’s screen and you heart swells.

Only you, you’re the only thing I’ll see forever,

In my eyes, in my words and in everything I do.

You begin to sing as you walk. Turning a corner your heart jumps. You hear, faintly in the distance, a voice…

And there’s nothing for me but Maria,

every sight that I see is Maria.

It’s your duet partner. You’ve been walking and singing towards each other.

The song builds to its final climactic chorus as you lock eyes across the road. You sing wildly, loudly, without a care in the world. You don’t notice the looks people are giving you. You are now singing a duet in public with a stranger. All is right in the world. The city is filled with song.

Key features:

  • Voice tracking to make sure you’re in key.
  • Ratings so you match with people as good at singing as you.
  • Watch others’ duets with Stalker Audience mode.

We’re looking for $100 million in seed funding.

And if anyone can remember who agreed to be CFO, that’d be great. I forgot to write it down.