Important: Since October I’ve been working on Bristlr full time. As such, this is all fairly out of date. Drop me an email if you’d like to know more.

This is just a small collection of recent sites and apps I have built. If you’d like more information about any of them, get in touch.

Recent projects

  • The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup – live news and score updates for the first MRDWC
  • Noiys – an anonymous and temporary social experiment
  • Bristlr – location based service connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards
  • Derby Roll Call – registration site for roller derby names with over 15,000 entries

Small projects

When I find myself between projects I keep myself entertained building websites such as:


Artinvesta Screen shot


jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, WordPress 

An art trading and investment website allowing artists to share and sell their artwork. It has a complex database on the back-end tracking transactions, collections and licensing deals as well as artists’ individual stories.

  • Allows artists to track their artwork and copyright sales over many years
  • WordPress based support websites
  • And international team of developers

The Manchester Mule

Manchester Mule


WordPress Theme, HTML, CSS, Support

An online space for Manchester’s local print alternative newspaper. I worked with the editorial team and their designer to build the WordPress theme.

Roller Derby Test O’Matic

Test O'Matic screen shot


Project Management, Design, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, XML API, Android & iOS App

Helping Roller Derby player pass their rules test, the Test O’Matic is used by thousands of skaters from all around the world.

  • Questions taken from a database with over 1,000 entries in
  • Complete user performnce tracking
  • Android & iOS apps with more than 5,000 downloads
  • More than 4 million responses saved and analysed
  • Randomly generated rules tests, with automatic difficulty balancing
  • A feature full, public API
  • Open source (source code on GitHub)




Project Management, Design, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, XML API, RSS

Using hundreds of RSS feeds, Wire was built as a feed reader for gaming junkies, and an automatic trend analyser.

  • Hundreds of feeds fetched and processed every hour
  • Highly optimised trend spotting algorithm
  • Thousands of key words and phrases tracked
  • Customisation options for users
  • Nested commenting across keywords
  • A feature full, public API

Creeds Direct

Creeds Direct


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, Secure Payments

Fully custom eCommerce site for a supplier of baker’s tools. Creeds were one of my very first clients, and I’ve been working with them since they decided they’d like to start selling their products online. With a detailed specification I built them a fully functioning, secure, eCommerce website which has been very successful. I continue to work with the company as and when they need updates and new features.




Project Management, Design, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, WordPress Theme & Plugins

Nukezilla is an honest video game publication read internationally. I worked with their editorial staff to create their WordPress theme and several custom WordPress plugins, including:

  • A reviews database, which automatically gathered video game data and allowed authors to link a game to their review, then produce all the pages and graphics necessary.
  • A tips & editorial control system to allow the international team of Editors and Writers to function as if they were in the same room.
  • Live-blogging software capable of dynamically updating readers during breaking news or for coverage of large consumer or press events.

Manchester Roller Derby

Manchester Roller Derby


Consultation, WordPress Support

The web presence for one of the top Roller Derby teams in the UK.